Takanini pit bull destroyed after attack

Takanini pit bull destroyed after attack

Animal control officers in Auckland have put down a pit bull terrier dog which attacked and severely injured a seven-year-old boy at Takanini at the weekend.

Darnell Mikaere Minarapa-Brown required 100 stitches to his face after the attack. The dog belonged to the boy's uncle.

Auckland Council says the dog was euthanised this morning, and an investigation into the attack is ongoing.

The boy's mother told Fairfax he was recovering quickly, and had loads of visitors coming to hospital to wish him well.

"He's got some beautiful gifts from friends and family, and some people that don't even know him. They just drop it off at the hospital," she told the paper.

"We're just so thankful for everybody being so understanding and helping us and giving us all their blessings and stuff for my son to get better." 

Despite still being on pureed food, Darnell is reportedly in such good spirits he told him mum he felt like it was Christmas.