Thanks goes a long way for employees - survey


Bosses need to pull their socks up when it comes to recognising the efforts of their employees, according to a recent study.

The research, which was undertaken by recruitment firm Hays, shows that of the 800 Australia and New Zealand jobseekers surveyed, 97 percent said feeling valued by their superiors was important to them.

And the research suggests just how important that is -- with 62 percent of respondents saying they would walk out on their job should they be made to feel that their efforts went unappreciated.

Hays New Zealand managing director Jason Walker says while the best method of expressing thanks for a task varies from one organisation to another, authenticity is the key.

"Some organisations choose to formally recognise top performance at regular weekly, monthly or annual meetings or events. This formal approach serves to both recognise success while also inspiring other team members," Mr Walker said.

"Other organisations prefer an informal and spontaneous approach that provides recognition as and when success is achieved.

"Ultimately though, the two simple words: 'thank you' have a huge impact."

The survey's results suggest employers do realise that they need to express gratitude, with 89 percent of the 396 bosses quizzed saying they think of that as an important part of their job.

However, more than half of the employers surveyed admitted they weren't doing that to the level they should be -- and Mr Walker says that can have a negative impact on workers.

"It costs nothing to recognise the work of your team," he said.

"Letting your staff know that their hard work and successes are valued has a huge impact on staff engagement, loyalty and morale."