Unpacking the confusion around recycling

Unpacking the confusion around recycling

We had a great response from our recycling exposé last night so thank you for the feedback and comments.

Many of you have been telling us about issues around the country, but before you give up on sorting your plastics from your papers, we have some top tips to help everyone cut down on how much of their waste ends up in the landfill.

Across our four major cities, recycling can be complicated.

In Auckland, you can recycle containers with the lids left on but you can't recycle plastic bags unless you put them in a recycling point at the local supermarket.

You can recycle cartons but not if you live on the North Shore or in Waitakere.

In Wellington, no lids are allowed on containers and no cartons but plastic bags are allowed.

Christchurch doesn't allow lids either and no plastic bags in Dunedin.

It's a mess but it's one we need to clean up.

Story unpacks the rules on recycling in NZ and gives you the top tips on how to reduce waste and make sure your products have the highest chance of being accepted.

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