VIDEO: Tourist encounters kiwi scrap on Stewart Island


For most tourists to New Zealand, the only kiwis they will get to see are behind a glass wall at the zoo or on the postcards they send to people back home.

To see one in real life, especially during daylight hours, is an anomaly.

But in a video posted to YouTube, one lucky person walking on Stewart Island has broadcast the moment they stumbled across the usually nocturnal birds having a fight right in front of them.


The noisy scrap goes on for just over a minute, and in the video description, the amateur birdwatcher states just how lucky they are to see the iconic bird in its habitat.

"I have been in New Zealand 8 months now, travelling through this beautiful country... I want to show you one of the rarest animals in the world, the kiwibird of New Zealand. It's not usual to see them like I did. I was really lucky."

There is also the chance the encounter may have been in fact the two kiwis mating, but the uploader says it didn't look that way.

It is believed the kiwis are of the Tokoeka species, which is often found on Stewart Island.

Watch the video.