Winning Lotto: An insider's guide

Winning Lotto: An insider's guide

One lucky British punter has scooped $106 million in the Euro Millions lottery draw.

Our Lotto jackpot is drawn tonight, and it's a bit smaller -- but still a healthy $20 million.

So what happens when you win? Newshub has been checking out what's inside the official winners' handbook.

You only get a handbook if you beat the odds, and the odds tonight of taking away $20 million are one in 38,383,000.

That handbook also tells us a third of you would find out by going to a Lotto store, 27 percent would check online and 26 percent would be watching it live on TV.

Once you win, where do you keep that ticket safe? Twenty-three percent said in their purse or wallet, 11 percent stashed it in a drawer, 5 percent stuck it under the pillow and one person apparently held it in their hand all night long.

So whom would you tell if you won? Thirty-one percent told the family straight away, 8 percent blabbed to everybody and 5 percent managed to keep it to themselves.

What did people splash out on? Champagne, five-star dining or McDonald's, a facelift, a second-hand Porsche, Prada shoes and even some bagpipes were among the answers.

Finally the big question -- would you keep working? Yes, 85 percent of Lotto's big winners said they stayed in the same job.