World's first Pastafarian wedding

World's first Pastafarian wedding

Getting married is nothing new, but one couple from Northland, have done it the Pastafarian way.

Toby Ricketts and Marianna Fenn have today become the world's first couple to get wed in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Tying the noodle knot, they did it in a world-first Pastafarian-style wedding, which demands the celebrant be a pirate.

"We could only find a pirate ship in Akaroa. Our friends who live in Christchurch and I wouldn't be married anywhere other than on a pirate ship, those being a term of our engagement," says Marianna Fenn.

The pair belongs to the spoof religion, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, making them Pastafarians.

Pastafarians claim to believe that pirates are supreme beings from which all humans evolved, and it's an official religion.

The Doubtless Bay couple hadn't planned to get married, but once the Department of Internal Affairs legally recognised Pastafarian weddings, they couldn't turn down the opportunity.

"This is very much a legal binding marriage, the first of its kind in the world," says Pastafarian celebrant Karen Martin.

They were married by New Zealand's newly ordained 'Ministeroni'.

"The church has been granted the powers by the country of New Zealand to perform marriages, and Pastafarians like to marry just as much as other folk," says Ms Martin.

Members like to wear colanders as religious headgear.

Friends travelled far and wide to attend.

"Comparisons to the traditional wedding is that it felt that people were free to express themselves a little more," says guest Kate Anastasiou.

"Pastafarians love celebrations and parties; it's part of our philosophy. We believe that life needs to be lived here and enjoyed," says Ms Martin.

The food -- none other than a pasta and vegetarian meatball feast -- was washed down with pirates' rum.