Z Energy considers Wicked Campers ban

Z Energy considers Wicked Campers ban

Wicked Campers' vans could soon be banned from filling up at some petrol stations across the country.

Z Energy has asked on Facebook whether it should refuse to fill up the vehicles.

Slogans and images painted on the Australian company's vehicles have outraged Kiwi politicians and members of the public, but the company has so far ignored the controversy.

National MP Shane Reti was one of those politicians who took offence, and told Paul Henry in March he had written to the company but not received a response.

Eventually he decided to take another approach and contacted some of the companies whose trademarks were being used.

"We had a number of constituents write to us saying, 'You know, Snow White smoking crack? I think Disney is going to be upset with that. Maybe you should approach them.' And so we did."

Disney was "very angry" with Wicked Campers' use of their trademarks, as was Coca-Cola, whose logo is used in a reference to cocaine. Meanwhile, Pepsi was "furious".

If that wasn't enough, the company has also copped criticism from the Advertising Standards Authority which called the company's van art "deliberately provocative and offensive", and they have also been banned at some campgrounds around the country.