Auckland housing crisis forces 82yo into van


Newshub has uncovered the case of an 82-year-old man and his partner living inside a van in west Auckland.

The couple has been living in the vehicle for nine years and they've been on the social housing register since 2013.

Chris and Linda have a set of van rules -- he spends the day up front, while Linda gets the back.

Their cat, Black Beauty, has the luxury of being able to roam.

At night time, the pair sleep in a very confined space, but Chris says they don't get cold.

"She snuggles up to me, and I snuggle up to her," he says.

"Of course we'd love to have a house and a garden and potter around the house."

The couple has been on the Social Housing Register since 2013 and in August last year their priority level was upgraded from B to A.

Housing New Zealand says while Chris and Linda have an application in for social housing, they require special modifications and level one access to any home they move into.

At this stage, there just isn't anything appropriate.

Chris and Linda have been together for around 20 years and get by as well as they can.

They even manage to wash themselves with a portable shower.

Chris says he hopes to be in a house, and wants the Government to help him out.

"They help everyone else out."

Housing New Zealand says they've had no direct contact with the couple, but the Social Development Ministry says they'll be following up with them.