Auckland man gets $30k fine for building without consent

Auckland man gets $30k fine for building without consent

An Auckland property owner has been slapped with a $30,000 fine for building without a consent, in what a judge called the worst offending of its kind.

Da Jiang Fan ignored warnings while constructing a garage on his Onehunga property in 2012.

Auckland Council general manager of resource consents Ian Smallburn says the decision illustrates the importance of complying with district plan rules.

"Property owners need to understand that they should check what the relevant rules are before they commence any building or other development work.

"The ongoing effects of people building without resource consent can be significant and can adversely affect storm water and other environmental outcomes."

Mr Smallburn says the decision is a reminder to get in touch with the council before starting work.

"We offer free advice to people who want to find out what rules might apply and whether a resource consent will be required."

The garage has to be removed and either relocated, or demolished.