Auckland turban day aims to create awareness

  • 27/05/2016

A group of young Aucklanders are holding a turban tying event aimed at teaching the public about Sikhism.

Sikh Youth NZ has organised the event, which is similar to one which has been held in major cities around the world.

“There’s a lot of mystery behind head coverings and this event is about educating New Zealanders,” says organiser Jasjot Singh.

Jasjot, who works as an Auckland accountant, says there can often be ignorance and misconception around turbans.

He says there are several reasons why Sikhs wear turbans - stemming back hundreds of years.

“In a practical sense – Sikhs have long hair so a turban keeps the hair neat and tidy.  Sikhs are also meant to stand out from the crowd to be there to help those in need.  But Sikhism is all about equality,” says Jasjot.

Sikh Youth NZ member Jaspreet Singh is also helping organise the event.

Last year the medical student was sitting in an Auckland café when police confronted him expressing concern from a member of the public about “wires in his bag.”

The “wire” was actually the cord of Jaspreet’s headphones.

He says there can be a “negative association between turbans and terrorism” so this weekend’s event is all about creating awareness.

The organisers say members of the public will be able to try on turbans and take them home for free.