Auckland woman's act of kindness goes viral

  • 23/05/2016
Auckland woman's act of kindness goes viral

A video of an Auckland woman's act of kindness has gone viral online.

A post by Jade Howard on Facebook yesterday shows the woman helping a stumbling woman off the street and into her car. The video was filmed by Ms Howard's children from inside the car.

Ms Howard says motorists and bystanders were honking their horns and yelling at the woman, who was tripping along the road as her son tried to hold her up.

"Someone even yelled, 'Ew you wasted b***h.' I knew something wasn't right, and even if she was wasted I felt sorry for her poor boy so I pulled over," Ms Howard writes.

She says the boy told her his mum had diabetes and needed something sweet.

"Luckily I had lollies in my bag. She ate some and was feeling a bit better. I helped her up, put her in my car to take her to see a doctor, but she said she'd just like to get home, as she has everything she needs there."

Ms Howard says she was heartbroken when the woman told her no one would help her.

"I was holding back tears…it was so disturbing to witness people from my community Mangere, where I grew up and my kids are growing up, just stroll or drive past a clearly struggling woman."

The post ends with a call to action: "Love a little more! Help a little more! Be a little more selfless. What if it were your mum, aunt, sister or daughter?"

Ms Howard's post has been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook.