Best of: Running Man compilation

  • 11/05/2016
Best of: Running Man compilation

The 'Running Man' craze has taken the internet by storm, so here's a compilation of some of the best.

Originally started four months ago by two American teenagers, videos of people doing the dance to 'My Boo' by Atlanta's Ghost Town DJs have popped up everywhere. It was then picked up by basketball players from the University of Maryland and went viral.

New Zealand's best known rendition of the Running Man is the New Zealand Police video, laying down the challenge to other forces around the world to post their own.

Featured in the video:

New Zealand Police Force

Scotland Police Force

Glen Eden Intermediate School

Qantas Airline

Valerie Adams

New South Wales Police

Metropolitan Police London


Australian Central Territory Police

Kevin Vincent and Jerry Hall (the originators)

Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley (Maryland University Basketball players)