Blessie's family only wanted graciousness from Corrections - spokeswoman

  • 18/05/2016
The Gotingco family (Getty)
The Gotingco family (Getty)

The family of murdered Auckland woman Blessie Gotingco is considering their next steps, after an official inquiry cleared the Corrections Department of blame for her death.

The inquiry found Corrections did nothing wrong in its management of her killer, Tony Robertson, saying he alone was responsible for Mrs Gotingco's 2014 death.

It's a bitter pill to swallow for a family who has lost their wife and mother, says Gotingco family spokeswoman Ruth Money.

Speaking on Paul Henry this morning, Ms Money says the Gotingcos never wanted Corrections to take full responsibility for the murder, but just to accept Robertson could have been managed better.

"We get the politics of it, we know who actually committed that bestial act, but could you not have some graciousness and say we're sorry and we feel for you, and we have learnt these things could be done a lot better to prevent this ever happening again.

"For Corrections to say we have exceeded or that we have delivered upon our mandatory standards it was absolutely heart wrenching.

Twenty-eight-year-old Robertson was sentenced to preventive detention last year for the murder and rape of Mrs Gotingco, and will be behind bars for at least 24 years.

Robertson had previously served eight years in prison for the abduction and molestation of a five-year-old girl in 2005 and breached his release conditions on several occasions.

Just six months after being released, he killed Ms Gotingco.

"[The family] don't want Blessie's death to be in vain, they want this to be a learning curve for New Zealand."

Ms Money said since the release of the inquiry's findings yesterday, the family has been considering whether to keep fighting Corrections, or put the matter to rest.

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