Cat saves owner from peeping tom

  • 09/05/2016
Cat saves owner from peeping tom

A man has been arrested after several "peeping tom" incidents in Auckland's Grey Lynn and a cat seems to be the hero.

Skinny the cat has come to owner Carly Marr's rescue in the early hours of this morning, alerting Ms Marr to the alleged peeping tom. Ms Marr was smoking a cigarette at around 2:30am, when Skinny suddenly took off, charging down the driveway with her head looking toward the road.

Ms Marr said she could see the concern on Skinny's face so she followed, and that's when she spotted a man on her property.

Cat saves owner from peeping tom

"I walked out and yelled at him in my driveway  and he just kind of turned around. I could see the light on his phone [as he] walked up to the end of the driveway," she said.

She called the police and they arrived within minutes with a sniffer dog to arrest the potential intruder.

Ms Marr said only days earlier she had seen an article about a man "doing dodgy stuff with his phone".

"I didn't think it would happen to me but it did.

"I would've gone straight to bed and I left my window open with my blinds shut, so he could've done who knows what."

As for Skinny, today she got the reward she deserved -- lots of cuddles and food.


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