Charity collection gets smart

EasyGiving in action (EasyGiving/supplied)
EasyGiving in action (EasyGiving/supplied)

A new smartphone app that makes it easier to give to charity has been developed in Christchurch.

Twenty organisations have already signed up to the app, called EasyGiving.

Founder Cilla Hegarty says it helps people avoid the problem of having no cash when confronted during a street appeal.

"A person standing on the street feels like they've made a difference, you don't feel awkward because you don't have any money. We really live in a cashless society."

Ms Hegarty says the app also tracks how much you're donating so it's easier to claim back tax.

More charities are expected to join EasyGiving in the near future.

"There's a queue of people just getting through the paperwork in the last little bit so they can come on the app as well. They're really enthused about it."