Exclusive: A look at the trapped 4WD vehicles

Exclusive: A look at the trapped 4WD vehicles

Members of the rescue team surveying the stuck vehicles (Reagan Tickle)

Newshub has obtained exclusive aerial footage of the vehicles that had to be abandoned by 38 4WD enthusiasts in central Otago.

The group was rescued late Monday afternoon after some of the vehicles had broken down and they were caught in a severe storm on Sunday.

Bad weather throughout Monday hindered helicopter attempts to reach the group, who were eventually brought off the mountain in snowcats. Local farmer Reagan Tickle who lives at the bottom of Wakaia Bush Rd, where the group got stuck, was part of the rescue team. 

The snowcats to the rescue (Reagan Tickle)

A helicopter flew over the area Tuesday morning, revealing just how stuck the vehicles are, with snow covering all 13 vehicles and leaving Waikaia Bush Rd completely covered.

Locals say it is unlikely the vehicles will be recovered before spring.

Police have confirmed the group won't be footing the bill for the rescue operation as they are funded to cover incidents such as this. 

The rescued group were planning on re-gathering this week, then will decide how to best get the vehicles out. 

Daniel Cockery, one of those trapped overnight, described his relief at seeing the rescuers. He says they were well equipped but were caught out by the weather. 

The group reached Roxburgh around 6:30pm Monday night (Reagan Tickle)