Farmers upsets with Mother's Day email


Department store Farmers has apologised over the wording of the subject line in a Mother's Day email sent out earlier this morning.

The email, sent just after 7am, began: "Your Mum sent us her wish list".

Another email was sent just after 9:15am, with the subject line "Our sincerest apologies for any offence caused".

The second email went on to say: "Farmers would like to apologise for sending an email this morning with a subject line which may have caused hurt or offense. It was certainly not our intention.

"In hindsight we recognise we should not have made such a statement. We acknowledge we need to give more thought and empathy when we are communicating with our valued Farmers customer community."

One offended customer wrote on Farmers' Facebook page: "Really Farmers, sending an email out to say 'a message from your mother'. Do you guys not [realise] that some of our mothers are not here on earth anymore. Very poor email advertising. Shame on you. Mother's Day is hard enough without a Mum being around."

Farmers responded: "Hi, we would like to offer our sincere apologies for the subject line you received in our email this morning. It was certainly not our intention to cause hurt or offense and we now recognise that more thought and empathy should have been taken into account when communicating with our valued Farmers customer community. Apologies again and our deepest condolences for you loss. Regards."