Ferry caught fire near Islington Bay

  • 19/03/2016
(Mike Wesley-Smith/ Newshub.)
(Mike Wesley-Smith/ Newshub.)

Nearly 80 passengers and crew were evacuated from a ferry in Auckland when there was a fire in the engine room.

The Fullers Jet Raider ferry was travelling from Waiheke Island to Auckland when the fire started at about 11:55am today.

The Coastguard sent five vessels and police also responded.

The crew put the fire out and there were no injuries.

Another ferry came alongside and 73 passengers and four crew on board were transferred to it, Coastguard duty officer Melissa Ousey said.

The Coastguard also took fire service personnel to the stricken ferry.

"They determined the fire is out and the vessel is safe, and the vessel is just waiting for a tug to come to tow it," she said.