Gangs exploiting under-resourced police -- Ron Mark

  • 17/02/2016
Gangs exploiting under-resourced police -- Ron Mark

Gang members are moving into towns where they know the police are under-resourced, Parliament has been told.

NZ First's Ron Mark says more than 70 high-ranking gang members have shifted into Kumeu and Helensville and it's "a huge concern" for residents.

He raised the issue with Police Minister Judith Collins at question time yesterday.

"What contact has the minister received from members of the Rodney Local Board about the activities of the Hell's Angels in Kumeu and Helensville, and does she believe the police have adequate numbers to deal with the situation," he asked.

Ms Collins: "I can't recall actually having heard from the members of the Rodney Local Board... but this government takes organised crime extremely seriously.

"The members of the Hells Angels and other ridiculous gangs are involved in very serious criminal activities and we have a plan to crack down on them."

Mr Mark: "Would it concern the minister to hear comments from a police officer saying that there are now over 70 high-ranking gang members who have taken up residence in Kumeu and Helensville as a direct result of police under-resourcing, and that gangs are now looking at the spread of police officers and are moving into areas with low numbers?"

Ms Collins said that would concern her - and she hoped Mr Mark's party would change its stance and support the new police search and surveillance powers that the government put through parliament.