Ground-up crickets the food of the future?

Ground-up crickets the food of the future?

Cricket flour is exactly what it sounds like: crickets ground into flour to be used for cooking or baking.

It's added to normal flour for a protein boost -- and believe it or not, by volume, there's more protein in crickets (68 percent) than there is in beef.

So could this be a future food?

With the world's population set to hit 9 billion by 2050, the world needs to change what we feed on in order to feed many.

"The UN has done reports on insect protein and said that it might be something to help feed the world in the future," says Niki Bezzant from Healthy Food Guide.

Currently, cricket flour comes from offshore cricket farms and each one can house millions of banded crickets.

But what's the flavour? Story tricked a few unsuspecting reporters into trying the six-legged ingredient.

Could this be wriggling its way onto our menus in the near future?

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