Gym considers selfie ban

  • 05/05/2016
Gym considers selfie ban

It might be time to reconsider snapping that workout selfie.

Nationwide gym chain City Fitness is thinking about banning them after receiving complaints from members unwittingly turning up in the backgrounds of photos on social media.

The move comes after the branch on Moorhouse Ave in Christchurch put up a sign reading: "Due to unhappy members ending up in the background of Facebook posts and YouTube videos, taking of pictures and videos is now prohibited. If seen you will be asked to stop."

The sign has since come down, but Head Office is now considering making it a policy at all 22 City Fitness gyms.

"If we had one rule for one club it wouldn't work," says training and development manager Lisa Brown.

"Given the concern that's been raised in the past couple of weeks, we will investigate it nationally and look to do something along these lines if we think that it's appropriate."

Ms Brown says the original ban was well-received by customers, pleased selfie-takers could no longer hog equipment to take photos. It also meant gym-goers didn't have to feel self-conscious.

Gym staff will now speak to anyone taking a selfie, but there is no longer a ban as such, Ms Brown says.

"Anything that's going to impact member experience in a negative way is something we would look at."

This is the first time the issue had been raised at a City Fitness gym.