Kiwis scared of Australian extradition

Kiwis scared of Australian extradition

A group of Kiwis deported after the riots on Christmas Island last year are scared Australia might extradite them to face charges.

Newshub understands police have stepped up their monitoring of the 12 men -- and one says he was told Australian police want to talk to him over his alleged role in the riots.

Czarion Strang, 22, is terrified of being sent back to the place where he says guards beat him every few days.

"They assaulted me a few times, but you know, you get used to it."

"You'd just start preparing for the next time I guess. And then, yeah, it made me angry.

"[I] definitely wanted to stay [in Australia] for my kids. There was no other option."

Strang served time for assault, ending up in Australia's Christmas Island detention centre -- the site of November's infamous riots.

He denies taking part in them, but he ended up being deported back to New Zealand.

Now he fears the Australians want him to return to face charges connected with the riots.

"After saying we'd be released back to New Zealand, no charges, start a new life, you know, it's like they're taking it back."

He and his group of former detainees have been visited many times by police in the last few days.

And when once he wanted to stay in Australia to be near his two young daughters -- now he's terrified to return.