NZ firefighters join Running Man Challenge


Members of the New Zealand Fire Service have released their take on the Running Man Challenge.

Not content to sit by and watch while their police counterparts got all the glory for their slick moves, the firefighters released their version on Thursday night -- complete with some questionable "pole" dancing.

"You didn't think we'd let the cops have all the fun did you? We run to the truck every day to help our communities, so here's our #runningmanchallenge," the Fire Service posted on Facebook.

The video features firefighters, dressed in full uniform, dancing in front of a fire truck. One gyrates on what appears to be a fireman's pole.

They nominated fire services in New South Wales, Queensland, New York, London and Scotland to also take part.

The Running Man social media challenge sees people dance to the 90s tune 'My Boo' by Ghost Town DJs.

The craze began in the US among college basketball teams before spreading around the world.

The New Zealand Police's version sparked responses from police departments worldwide, including in New York and Scotland.

New Zealand sporting stars including Sonny Bill Williams and Valerie Adams have also taken part.