NZ's best cheerleaders prep for World Champs in Florida

All Star Cheerleaders training during "Hell Week". (Newshub)
All Star Cheerleaders training during "Hell Week". (Newshub)

New Zealand's gold medal-winning cheerleaders are in the middle of what they call "hell week" in the lead-up to the 2016 World Champs.

Next week, 30 Kiwi cheerleaders from the All Stars group are heading to Florida to take on the rest of the world.

The team is training 12 hours a day to improve their fitness and strength, and will be up against 70 countries and 30,000 cheerleaders from around the world.

The sport of cheerleading is growing across the country and Kimberley Ramsay, founder of All Star Cheerleaders, says this comes off the back of the team's success -- winning gold the past two years in a row. She hopes this year will be the same.

"A routine that's perfect, that's what we're hoping for, and if we do that then we bring home golds for New Zealand," says Ramsey.

Cheerleading is also gaining popularity among men, despite stereotypes of it being a girls sport.

Almost half of the team heading to the World Champs are male and one of them, Cam Gibbons, says cheerleading is one of the most intense sports around.

"It's pretty brutal. It's training like no other that I've ever had. I've played rugby, cricket, tennis, golf; I've done it all."


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