Raetihi teen gatherings prompt wi-fi action

  • 07/05/2016
Raetihi teen gatherings prompt wi-fi action

A town in the Ruapehu District says trouble-making teens have been congregating around its library's free wi-fi.

The solution? Free internet for everyone.

Ruapehu District Council says it's speeding up a plan to get free wireless internet across Raetihi, population 1000, after its library was forced to shut off its free wi-fi after hours due to vandalism caused by teens flocking to it.

"Police - and council - were concerned not only about property damage but the health and safety of council staff and the young people congregating at night outside the office and library," council chief Clive Manley said.

The council was working on getting the library's system running - once some security cameras had been installed over the next few weeks, he said.

"In the interim, council will also be working on bringing forward installation of free wi-fi throughout the Raetihi central business district," he said.