Random attack in Christchurch caught on camera

Random attack in Christchurch caught on camera

The victim of a random attack is upset it's taken a fortnight before police have taken action.

The 28-year-old was arriving home from work on April 20 when a man, also believed to live in the Templeton area west of Christchurch, attacked him on the street.

It was caught on a security camera attached to his girlfriend's house. 

Her mother Joy Woods was in the house at the time of the attack, and is also upset at the lack of police action.

"All he did was just park up and was walking straight to the front door," Ms Woods says, "Next minute a man came out of nowhere and started attacking him for no reason at all."

The attacker has apologised to the victim, saying he was "having a bad day".

Ms Woods was told by police the attack was being treated as high priority, but says she has only been called twice since the incident.

Shortly after speaking to Newshub this morning, police got in touch with Ms Woods to say the offender has been given an official warning. However, she says it's not good enough.

"We went into [Christchurch Central Police Station] that day, we had actually handed the footage on a USB stick into them which they requested and... nothing's happened and this guy's still running around."

"He just lashed straight into him with no reason at all."

Ms Woods says the man should have been arrested.

"We've had nothing, absolutely nothing... and I've got to live in this area."

Police response

Police say the attack stemmed from a road rage incident, where the victim was driving too close to the offender on his way home.

Police say it was a reasonable timeframe. The case was initially filed to the wrong police station, then they were short-staffed with a homicide investigation.

The victim had wanted to lay charges for the assault, but after delays from police had given up. He declined the offer for the pair to talk through the Community Justice Panel.

Police say they remained in touch with the victim throughout the two weeks and say the attack was “unacceptable” and the incident has been recorded.