Reddy denies ever assaulting partner


Double murder-accused Kamal Reddy has told the High Court he never assaulted, swore at or threatened to kill Pakeeza Yusuf.

The 43-year-old denies murdering Yusuf and her young daughter in late 2006 or early 2007 and burying their bodies beneath an Auckland bridge.

Yusuf’s mother Mubarak Rojina Banu earlier gave evidence that she’d received distressed phone calls from her daughter, saying Reddy had been beating her and drinking alcohol.

Under cross examination by Crown prosecutor Natalie Walker today, Reddy denied that was the case.

The Defence says Reddy’s confession to undercover officers was false, and that someone else is responsible for the killings.

Crown prosecutor Natalie Walker presented a video of Reddy's taped confession, where he described digging holes for the bodies, what the victims were wearing how he filled the holes with stones and dirt.

Those details were later found to be consistent with what police discovered when they dug up the grave.

"Only you, the killer, could know those details," Ms Walker said.

However Reddy maintained he made up the details to protect the real killer, a man he has previously only identified as 'James' who he said was dating Ms Yusuf at the time of her death.

Ms Walker earlier on Wednesday said Reddy killed Ms Yusuf because she was a beautiful woman and he didn't want her to date anyone else.

He had been charged with threatening to kill her in late 2006, and was put on a non-association order as part of his bail conditions, Ms Walker said.

The charge was later withdrawn in 2007.

Reddy told the court he could not remember the court charge and was never violent to Ms Yusuf, despite telling undercover officers details about how he "used to punch her".

Although the details of the police sting can't be published, it can be reported that Reddy joined officers in a series of "simulated criminal scenarios" over a period of six months in 2014 that ended in the alleged admission.

The trial continues.

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