Reddy told police he strangled partner, smothered daughter

Murder-accused Kamal Reddy (File)
Murder-accused Kamal Reddy (File)

A jury has seen a photo of murder-accused Kamal Reddy allegedly standing on the spot he buried his partner and her daughter.

Reddy, 42, is standing trial accused of murdering Mubarak Yusuf and her three-year-old child, Juwairiyah "Jojo" Kalim, in late 2006.

The Crown says Reddy unwittingly told undercover police officers in October 2014 he had strangled 24-year-old Ms Yusuf - also known as Pakeeza Faizal - and smothered the girl before taking police to their bodies under the Takapuna Landing Bridge.

On Monday, the jury was played an audio recording of Reddy allegedly taking an undercover officer to the burial site, and showing him the exact spot.

After some discussion, Reddy told the officer he had located the spot of a hole for "two people".

The officer told him to stand on the middle of where the hole would be, and took a photo.

Reddy told police he strangled partner, smothered daughter

"I dig the holes ... take hours," Reddy said.

He told the officer he had parked his car close by and carried the bodies by hand to the hole.

The accused said he was "a 100 percent" sure it was the right spot.

It can now be reported that on Friday, the jury in the High Court at Auckland was played a recording of the alleged confession given to officers near the end of their six-month undercover operation.

During the meeting with the officer in 2014, Reddy was repeatedly asked if he had anything to disclose.

Eventually he described to the officer how, after an argument, he had come up behind a sleeping Ms Yusuf with an iron and then strangled her with its electric cord.

"So I just got rid of her," he said.

"She's gone and then after I went for the daughter," he said, saying he then used a pillow to smother Jojo.

Reddy then detailed how he threw away the pillow case, iron and other evidence and then drove the bodies to the Bombay Hills, where he searched for a spot to bury them.

Later he would bury them in Takapuna, he told the officer.

But the defence says Reddy was pressured into making a false confession by undercover officers who he trusted.

He only knew the location of the bodies because he had suggested the spot to the real killer, lawyer Jonathan Krebs said.

Although police believe the victims were killed in their Howick home in late 2006 or early 2007, they were not reported missing until 2013 by Ms Yusuf's mother.

The trial is expected to take three weeks.