Road Safety Week message: Switch off the phone

  • 16/05/2016
woman using a smart phone in car

Motorists are being urged to make a "hero's" pledge this Road Safety Week.

A campaign being launched today encourages motorists to switch off their phones, slow down and be alert.

On average, six families a week receive news that a loved one has been killed in a crash, with 319 people dying on our roads last year.

Caroline Perry from road safety group Brake says the pledge starts by drivers switching off their cellphones.

"Using your phone at the wheel increases your risk of crashing by four times," she says. "And if you're texting – using your phone that way -- you've got a 10 times bigger risk of being involved in a crash."

Ms Perry says we all have a part to play in keeping New Zealand safe.

"There are still drivers that use roads without care for others, and the consequences can be tragic and horrific."

Drivers can make the pledge online at the Brake website.