Rongomai School flicks switch on NZ's first Tesla Powerwall battery

  • 14/05/2016
Students at Rongomai School in Otara (Newshub.)
Students at Rongomai School in Otara (Newshub.)

Vector and the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (AECT) launched the Future of Energy campaign on Friday at Otara's Rongomai School, where kids and Energy Minister Simon Bridges turned on New Zealand's first Tesla Powerwall battery.

The battery is charged using energy generated by solar panels and will provide electricity when the sun goes down.

"We now have an amazing opportunity to genuinely teach the kids and school community about the broader principles of sustainability and the role technology plays," said class teacher, Nicholas Pattison.

Rongomai School flicks switch on NZ's first Tesla Powerwall battery

Vector chief executive, Simon Mackenzie, is enthusiastic about the benefits of the battery.

"They'll be learning and Vector will be too, as this campaign is providing us with invaluable insights as we continue to develop next-generation battery and energy solutions," he says.

AECT chairman William Cairns looks forward to a brighter future: "[the school's] new Vector solar power and Tesla Powerwall battery systems will certainly make a significant difference to their power bills and allow their buildings to become more sustainable as they harness the power of the sun."


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