Schools test navy technology

Schools test navy technology

Low decile schools in south Auckland are driving success using underwater robots.

It's part of a new class designed by a teacher at Rongomai Primary School -- in an attempt to evolve education out of the classroom.

Today pupils tested out their robots at the Devonport Naval base.

One of those kids is Fotu, who's an athletic kid.

He always thought he wanted to play rugby when he grew up, and now he's considering something a little different.

"I want to be a doctor," he said.

Today he's steering this small feat of engineering -- designed as part of Rongomai Primary School's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classes.

Today Rongomai was joined by three other south Auckland schools at the Devonport Naval Base to showcase their skills to Defence Technology Agency engineers.

The man behind the STEM classes, Nick Pattison, says using the aqua-bots is part of an attempt to break the mold -- and educate those who might not be aware just what they're capable of.

"They're doing these amazing experiences and showing they have heaps of potential, and we're just not tapping it," he said.

After research showed schools in south Auckland weren't doing as well as they could be -- Nick Pattison decided to do something about it.

"We can't just keep hammering home literacy and numeracy, what if we made school more engaging and gave them the school to think outsidethe box and use real life experiences... while creating something that's also a whole lot of fun," Mr Pattison said.


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