Social media post suggests missing student ignoring parents

Caitlyn Bird
Caitlyn Bird

There are reports the Victoria University student who hasn't been seen for weeks is alive and well and just ignoring her parents.

Police released a statement last night saying 20-year-old Caitlyn Bird hadn't been seen since May 9, and her parents had contacted police with their concern.

However, last night a post to Facebook page 'Vic Deals' suggested Ms Bird was alive and  well, and only ignoring her parents who are in a different country.

Police still want to speak to her and say they can't take the word of other people.

They say Ms Bird, who is around 178cm tall, with mid-length brown hair, hazel eyes and a distinctive American accent has never been missing before.

She was last seen wearing dark jeans, a black raincoat and a heavy, brown and white checked shirt.