Southern Cross reveals NZ dogs' ruff situations

Southern Cross reveals NZ dogs' ruff situations

Some of the country's worst doggy disasters have been revealed in a new survey by Southern Cross Pet Insurance.

They include a dog that got stuck in a cat door and another that ate a seal carcass.

These accident-prone pooches are costing millions to be fixed up.

Remus was rescued after he was found roaming the streets in Henderson, so he's not unfamiliar with dangerous situations.

But yesterday, at his owner's workplace, his curiosity nearly cost him his life.

"He had his face in a bag of slug bait and he was chowing down on it big time and he's a terrible scavenger because he's been a street dog," says his owner Caroline Jeffeys

She says he's a tough trooper, but like a lot of dogs sometimes he just can't help himself.

"He's got a really good sense of smell so he'll smell anything out and you know, it's just like morning tea for him."

Southern Cross Pet Insurance head Anthony McPhail says having inquisitive natures is the reason a lot of dogs get into trouble.

A survey by the Southern Cross reveals some of the more unusual claims for injured dogs.

They include a Labrador retriever that ate a 5kg dead seal carcass and a dog that got its foot stuck in a toilet.

The company says those canine catastrophes can cost thousands.

Last year, Southern Cross Pet Insurance paid out more than $4.2 million worth of claims for animals needing treatment.

Out of 485 dog owners surveyed, 18 percent said there's no limit to what they'd pay to keep their pets healthy.

Ms Jeffreys agrees.

"As long as [Remus] got quality of life I would spend whatever it takes."

That's no matter what ruff situation Remus might get himself into.


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