Uber drivers: recent changes put passengers at risk

  • 13/05/2016
Uber drivers: recent changes put passengers at risk

The newly formed Uber Drivers' Association says the company's recent policy changes are putting drivers and passengers at risk.

The drivers say they weren't consulted when Uber cut prices by 20 percent and removed many safety checks.

"Operating a transport business which basically ignores every single law that this country has about that has got to stop, and it's got to stop right now. It should've stopped two weeks ago," says the association's spokesman, Ben Wilson.

The association says no company should be asking employees to be operating outside the law like Uber drivers have to.

Twenty key members of a 400-strong group met last night to create the association, after recent company policy changes that removed many legal checks to become a driver.

But Mr Wilson says they're having trouble even contacting the company.

"We have never spoken to any official, high-up person, any director. Those people are basically unreachable. I mean, there aren't even telephone numbers to call."