Waikato farmer's near-death run-in with cow

Waikato farmer's near-death run-in with cow

A Waikato farmer is lucky to come out unscathed after a truck and trailer carrying livestock tipped near Otorohanga.

Richard Jones was hit in the head by a cow when the trailer tipped last night on Barber Rd.

He considers himself a pretty lucky guy after last night's unusual near-death experience.

"A cow clipped me on the top of my head then I rolled into the paddock and the gate that was on the corner there flew into my bike.

"I am going to go buy a Lotto ticket and a cold beer."

Around 28 cattle were in the trailer when it went over.

Mr Jones says it the driver didn't realise the truck was tipping until it was too late.

Some of the cattle were trapped by these metal bars and fire crews were sent out to cut them free.

However, Mr Jones says five were unable to be saved and police had to shoot them dead.


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