Wicked Campers vans spray painted at holiday park

Wicked Campers vans spray painted at holiday park

First it was the classification office and now it appears a West Coast vigilante has taken exception to Wicked Campers controversial slogans.

Robin Sandford runs the Riverside Holiday Park in Murchison and says in the last couple of days four of the company's vans have arrived at his park after travelling up the West Coast and have had their vans spray painted.

“It almost looked professionally done. It wasn’t a kid who did this. It wasn’t just fast. It just hit where the bad words were considered offensive. You can still look at it, and see what they meant as an adult. As a child you know, I think, that’s what they’re trying to stop,” he says.

Mr Sandford says the van's drivers were all worried about what Wicked Campers would say when they returned the vehicles.