Writing on the wall for man's 54,000 pen collection

Writing on the wall for man's 54,000 pen collection

Always losing your pen? Well you're in luck -- one of the world's largest pen collections is up for sale.

One Papamoa man, and his very understanding wife, amassed 54,000 of them.

John Trinder describes his pen collection as his passion, so packing it up left him heartbroken.

"It was a hard day."

In total, there were 22 banana boxes full to the brim.

"One of [the boxes] has got 2172," Mr Trinder says.

"It was sort of like my life, every day I'd be out there four or five hours."

He started collecting them in 1995 after his wife sold his beer can collection.

Row upon row upon row, organised alphabetically and colour-coded, not one is identical.

He says the time spent ordering and perfecting his line-up has kept him out of mischief.

A few years ago, when he only had 40,000, the collection was insured for $15,000.

"To insure them now would be at least $20,000 so if I could get that much I'd be really happy," Mr Trinder says.

He's only selling because they moved into a smaller house without a double garage.

Ideally he'd like them to go to someone local, so he could help set them up again.

"And keep an eye on them," Mr Trinder says. "If they didn't do it right I'd get the whip out."

But there's one box full of his favourites that won't be part of any deal, proving there's some things a man can never let go of.