84yo Christchurch skydiver not slowing down

84yo Christchurch skydiver not slowing down

For Grace Dunstan, jumping out of a plane at 84 is child's play -- it's just one more thing to add to her long list of extreme sports and activities.

The active octogenarian postponed her Friday morning swim in Christchurch to speak to Newshub about her latest adventure.

It was on a beautifully clear Queen's Birthday day, Grace's friend Katrina Hill organised for her husband and Grace to go skydiving in Ashburton.

Grace's only worry? How her two artificial hips and artificial knee would handle the landing -- not dropping out of the sky at 6000ft.

"[I] wasn't scared at all," she says, "just getting my legs out of the plane was a bit of a hassle."

So, what did it feel like?

"Freedom," Grace says.

"It's such freedom...except for the harness."

She says the harness was a bit tight but the view was wonderful.

"I just wish we'd been up there longer and higher."

When hearing what she was getting up to, her family asked "where's your will?"

Ms Hill says the South New Brighton resident is known to for doing exciting things.

"We love her," she says.

And while some call her mad, the active octogenarian had a message for everyone.

"Just for people to enjoy life as they get older and not stop...Just be with people that want to do things, that don't want to stop."

"Just keep going."

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