Bracelet gifted by dead father cut off to meet school rules


A Palmerston North teen has been forced to cut off a bracelet gifted to her by her now-dead father, because it didn't comply with school rules.

Jordy Goldsack, 13, says the bangle was special -- a connection to her father, gifted to her on the day of her christening.

"He not only gave it to me; he put it on my wrist on my christening day, so it was the only connection I had."

Since her father, Donald, died in 2007, the bracelet became too small to fit over her hand.

The bracelet doesn't meet school uniform requirements. When the school said it had to go, it had to be cut off.

Palmerston North Girls' High School principal Karene Biggs says the majority of parents support school uniform rules, and says they are there to ensure the focus stays on learning.

"We want to be fair, but we want to be fair to all students and consider everyone in that, so that everyone is supported."

Ms Briggs says the school recognises this is a special case.

"In this case, you would classify this as a taonga, and what we've offered is that we're quite happy to pay for the connection [of the bracelet back together] so that it can be worn underneath the uniform as a necklace, close to her heart, so that she can still have that close to her."

Jordy's mother, Judith, says she understands schools have rules that need to be adhered to, but hopes they could be more flexible in future.

"We make way for cultural reasons and religious. Why can't we for something like this? It wasn't a piece of jewellery that was just a birthday present; this had specific meaning behind it."

Since the incident, Jordy has been suffering nightmares and anxiety.

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