Burglary victim criticises police 'mucking around'

Burglary victim criticises police 'mucking around'

A Christchurch restaurateur has criticised police for "mucking around" after carrying out his own ad-hoc investigation into who broke into his brand new car.

Rakesh Sheppy tracked down CCTV footage of a burglar breaking into his late-model Nissan Qashqai outside Mayur Indian Restaurant on Wednesday evening, and brought it to police. He claims it clearly shows the number plate of the offender, but hasn't heard back from the officer in charge.

"I can understand it takes time, but this is everything, you have the proof in the system," he says.

"I got the details and handed it to them, that's what really annoys me. These cops are giving them more time to just go and burgle someone else as well. They will get them after a month or something, but what is [the burglar] going to do in a month? Burgle someone else's car."

The burglary left the $52,000 car with a broken door, window and without a GPS and radar.

Police were not immediately available for comment.