Cantabrians anticipate great Crate Escape

Cantabrians anticipate great Crate Escape

Cantabrians can put their intelligence to the test in a challenging new game where contestants are locked in a 'time travelling' crate in the CBD.

Based on a computer game from the 80s and 90s, Crate Escape has been brought to life by Logan McMillan, Henry Jones and Brett O'Donnell, and fittingly so in a giant shipping crate in Christchurch's city centre.

It's taken the team six months, two crates, and a whole lot of hard work in order to open on Friday.

"You're a detective in here, you've got to find clues, you've got to solve puzzles and eventually you've got to try unlock the main door and get out in under an hour," Mr McMillan says.

Contestants can be in teams of up to four people.

"Designing puzzles and building everything ourselves has been a massive learning experience," Mr McMillan says.

"Initially the puzzles were extremely hard, no one could figure it out."

It's since been "dumbed down" slightly, but the puzzles are still challenging enough to test the patience of all ages, including one of the investors and his fiancée.

"They got stuck on one of the puzzles...and they did not work together well on it," he says.

This provided some entertainment while he and the others watched on the CCTV cameras. The cameras are in place so the contestants get a bit of help along the way if they're struggling.

Crate Escape has been a labour of love on their own time for the team, as all three have separate full-time jobs.

"We're really excited to get people in," Mr McMillan says, "It's just quite rewarding watching people go through the puzzles and figure everything out."

The company is hoping to expand and add more containers to the collection once the first one is up and running.

Crate Escape's Facebook can be found here