Holiday road toll worst in decades

  • 07/06/2016
(Dean Whitehead/Newshub)
(Dean Whitehead/Newshub)

The holiday weekend road toll stands at double the total for last year and is the highest Queen's Birthday road toll since 1989.

The deaths of three people in a single-vehicle crash at Dargaville in Northland last night took the toll to 11.

The three people were among seven members of a church group riding in a 4WD vehicle which hit a tree.

Fire crews had to cut out two of the victims from the wreckage. Newshub understands there were seven people involved in the crash.

This year's Queen's Birthday weekend road toll of 11 has exceeded 2015's tally of five.

Road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson says the toll shows the police strategy isn't working.

"The Auckland Harbour Bridge used to have one serious or fatal accident every single week in the 1980s, and they tried exactly the same 'Please Drive Safely' campaign -- it didn't make the slightest difference."

He says what did make a difference was concrete median barriers.

A motorcyclist died in a crash in the North Island town of Huntly on Monday, while two people died as a result of a head-on crash near Mt Bruce in the Wairarapa on Sunday.

There have also been single-fatality crashes in Otago, the Bay of Plenty, north Canterbury, south Auckland and the King Country.