Video: Poppy the horse saved from ravine

Video: Poppy the horse saved from ravine

Poppy the horse has been saved after becoming trapped by rising river levels in Kapiti.

She was airlifted to safety after being sedated by animal specialists at Otaki Forks, where she was trapped down a ravine.

It is thought she could have been in the ravine for three days until it was spotted by someone from the Otaki Rafting Club.

Emergency response teams from the SPCA and Massey University were sent to save the horse.

Wellington SPCA chief executive Steve Glassey says Poppy's doing well.

"The horse now is still being assessed by the vet and we're talking with the horse's owner in terms of going forward, but Poppy’s prognosis is looking good and we hope that she can be taken away for further care and she'll back up on her feet hopefully soon."

Mr Glassey says the SPCA will be covering the costs of sending a helicopter in to save the animal.


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