Kiwi human-powered submarine to defend title

  • 02/06/2016

Students and staff at the University of Auckland have created the fastest fin-driven submarine in the world, called The Taniwha.

Taniwha is a human-powered racing sub, and is the only human-powered submarine in the southern hemisphere.

It is the equivalent to a bicycle underwater; a pilot inside the submarine pedals to rotate fins on top and bottom, propelling it forward. Hydraulics flex the tail and rotate hydroplanes to manoeuvre the submarine.

The submarine has been under construction at the university's Auckland Bioengineering Institute since 2014.

Next month, the students who built the device will defend their world title at the European International Submarine Races in Gosport, UK.

Twelve university teams from around the world will race their human-powered submarines one at a time, against the clock.

The Taniwha team has some sponsorship for the trip, but need funds for equipment and travel, including bringing the Taniwha back to New Zealand.

They have set up a Givealittle page to help them along.