Latecomers to Wellington burials could be charged

Latecomers to Wellington burials could be charged

Grieving Wellingtonians could soon be fined if they're late to burials and cremations.

If the proposals are passed, the Wellington City Council could start charging $50 from next month.

Councillor Paul Eagle says it's wrong.

"We are penalising grieving families. There are many other ways we can achieve this. This isn't something that we should put time and energy into, it's just wrong," he says.

"It came as a surprise, I mean what I've said is it's mean-spirited, it's not the sort of thing that -- if we need to raise revenue, if we need to look at how we can better fund those who use council services -- this isn't the thing that we should do."

Prior to 2013, families were fined $100 for every half hour they were late.

The idea is part of a wider range of proposed changes to council fees and user charges as the council seeks to formalise their Annual Plan for 2016/17.

The plans will be voted on either today or tomorrow.