Railway crowdfunding closes in on target

Railway crowdfunding closes in on target

A crowdfunding campaign has begun to buy a special piece of southern railway history.

Kate Wilson from the Central Otago Rail Trail Trust says they want to prevent another purchaser from moving the 120-year-old Hyde Railway Station.

"We've raised $109,000 and have another $15,000 to go. We're just hoping there are enough people out there who have enjoyed doing the rail trail, who want to ensure the rail heritage stays on the trail."

If it gets the station, the trust will develop it with a rail heritage theme, and maybe as an exhibition space.

"It's a bit like seeing the Rita Angus painting of the Cass Railway Station -- it's a beautiful sight to see. This one, we're actually going to be able to open up and see what a railway station looked like in an operational status in 1950s, 1960s New Zealand."

The group's fear is that another buyer could relocate the building.