Search for new Kiwi-inspired choc flavour

Cadbury's Jaffas block is back for a limited time (Supplied)
Cadbury's Jaffas block is back for a limited time (Supplied)

Cadbury is embarking on a nationwide tour to uncover the best Kiwi flavour combination, which could inspire their next chocolate creation.

Mondelez New Zealand's James Kane says the Cadbury team is set to launch a 'What's your flavour NZ' tour throughout the country, off the back of their re-released Jaffas block.

"In a country where at least one Jaffa is eaten on average every minute, the return of the Jaffas block is sure to set many a sweet tooth's tummy grumbling," he says.

"Last year the iconic pairing of Jaffas and Cadbury chocolate sparked some intense conversations on unmistakable New Zealand flavours.

"We are now calling for every town authority, innovator and visionary to tell us what Kiwi flavour --inspired from their town -- they would like to see mixed in with milk chocolate."

The re-release of the Jaffas block is also just ahead of the 15th annual Jaffa Race at the Cadbury Chocolate Carnival in Dunedin.

Up to 75,000 Jaffas are hurtled down Baldwin St, the country's steepest street, in a race for charities such as Make-A-Wish and Surf Lifesaving.

The tour dates are set to be announced in July.

The Jaffa Race on Baldwin St -- New Zealand's steepest street (Newshub.)