Supermarket staff break up Kerikeri High School brawl

Kerikeri New World (Google Street View)
Kerikeri New World (Google Street View)

A brawl which started at Kerikeri High School on Wednesday reportedly involved a student being set upon by five young women, before the fight spread to the nearby New World supermarket.

The lunchtime fight, which was witnessed by a number of people, spilled over from school grounds into the carpark of the supermarket, where staff broke it up with assistance from members of the public.

In a message sent to parents and caregivers, the school says a student was attacked by five young women who were not students.

Police were called when the fight moved to the New World carpark, and arrived quickly as they were already in the area looking for the perpetrators.

Police have confirmed the incident took place, but have not said if any charges are being laid.

"Police attended a fight between two young females outside New World car park in Kerikeri around 1pm yesterday. A number of people were reported to be watching the two females fight," they said in a statement.

Kerikeri New World owner/operator Darren Tucker says, "It definitely didn't look too pretty -- we simply wanted to try and make sure nobody got hurt.

"It was probably a couple of youths getting egged on by a larger group. I think it would've been a lot worse if nobody was there to control it, but it was taken care of really quickly."

Kerikeri High School told parents the assaulted student received appropriate medical attention and is recovering at home.

"We are working closely with the police in regards to this matter. Please rest assured that our staff will continue to maintain a strong presence around the grounds."