Te Kauwhata bullying drove student to attempt suicide

Te Kauwhata bullying drove student to attempt suicide

More families have come forward with claims of bullying at Te Kauwhata College in north Waikato.

The latest revelations follow a beating incident at the school which left a 14-year-old student in hospital for six days.

One 16-year-old student doesn't bare any physical scars, but says inside she's hiding a deep pain.

"[I] pretty much felt worthless. That pretty much sums it up," she says.

She says she was bullied at Te Kauwhata College.

"[They were] stopping me in town, verbally abusing me and in the school verbally abusing me as well, spreading rumours and just really nasty stuff."

Believing there was no other way out, she tried to commit suicide on the school grounds.

"Her friend was there and they discussed it with the counsellor," her mother says.

Her mother claims the school didn't call an ambulance.

In a written response, the school didn't respond to that comment. It says it wasn't aware of a suicide attempt, but was aware of suicidal behaviour.

Either way, word spread around the students, and soon the already broken child started receiving vicious messages via Facebook.

Feeling as though she had no other choice, she tried again.

Her mother found her and called an ambulance, and medical staff managed to save her life.

The recent bullying of Krishnan Naidu, another student at the college, has brought the traumatic experience flooding back, reigniting an anger about what they call a culture of bullying at the school.

"I'm not saying that she's the perfect student," the girl's mother says.

"I'm sure that at some point she has been at fault, but the school hasn't dealt with that either."

The school was also asked to comment on a video that has surfaced of a fight between students filmed just days after Krishnan's beating.

It said the students claimed they were play-fighting and there were no injuries, but the Dean later spoke to all students about the incident.

Newshub has spoken with two other families who say they've experienced bullying at Te Kauwhata College, neither of which could appear on camera.

Of the three children involved, one still goes to the school but the other two have left.