Hit-and-run driver checks car, ignores victim

  • 06/06/2016

Police are searching for a man who hit a teen on an Auckland pedestrian crossing, then checked his Range Rover - but not the injured boy - before driving off.

They have appealed for witnesses to the Avondale incident, which happened 11 days ago, to come forward to help identify the driver and his vehicle.

Police say the south-bound driver ran a red light with no headlamps on and hit a 14-year-old boy on a Great North Rd pedestrian crossing by Heron Park about 9pm on May 26.

The boy went up onto the vehicle's bonnet and then hit the road, suffering a leg injury.

The driver got out and checked his car before driving off without checking on the boy, police say.

They described him as bald and brown-skinned, driving a black Range Rover with silver strips.

The car had a rear window spoiler, large silver mag wheels with low profile tyres and round-style headlamps.

It will have frontal damage, police say.

One witness spoke to the injured boy from his car at Blockhouse Bay Rd lights, and police say they want to speak to this man and anyone else who saw the incident.